Chisinau, str. Stefan Cel Mare, 182
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Everyday: 10:00 - 23:00
+373 60 777 979
Who are we, you ask?
When we first opened the doors of our little craft brewery in 2017, we had one mission: to make real beer, properly. (And to have a little fun along the way.)
From 2007 we start our Brew Family Tradition
It all started from a family tradition. For some – it’s a matter of business, for us – a family affair. A father and a son, who dedicated over a decade in search of knowledge and experience all over the world, have finally come to the point where it was time to brew their own craft
2015 Home Brew by the Lake
Every history has a story, our started by the lake of our family home. Before we even sold officially our first ever pint of craft, our loyal friends and family have inspired us to open the first Open Craft Brewery in the heart of Chisinau.
Every batch of Lake House Craft is meticulously brewed on our five barrel system that you can see through a glass wall of our Diner. We import premium hops and malt from Germany, US, Belgium, so that quality always exceeds your expectations.
2021 Visit Us
In the heart of Chisinau, where the sun sets above the hovering terrace, you can visit us in our Lake House Pub&Diner, meet our brewers, enjoy a great sip of quality craft, and find the best atmospheres for real beer lovers.
Beer is made to be shared
It was always interesting how one kind of beer differs from another. Now we will tell you about the intricacies in detail.
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White Concord grapes and honey right away on the nose, and a bit of inspection yields subtle hints of Concord grapes and honey. Grape jelly.
str. Stefan Cel Mare, 182
Everyday: 10:00 - 23:00
+373 60 777 979
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